Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter on my mind

I'm totally skipping over St. Patrick's Day since I don't have any stitching for this holiday (something I obviously need to remedy), and moved onto Easter.  

I took this 2011 finish...
With Thy Needle & Thread Bunny & Co., using my own silk conversion
on mystery 40 count linen

And turned it into this...

Please excuse the artistic photo glare.

Just a simple pillow finish using hand-dyed felted wool, without any extras.  It was already borderline too big for a pillow finish, but I didn't want it as a wall hanging or framed.


  1. Gorgeous, Mindi! Really, why do we wait so long before finishing our stitching, lol!

  2. I love the way you finished this! I, too, don't' like to frame or hang many pieces and am deciding that pillows on the mantle are a great idea!

  3. This looks really adorable, Mindi!

  4. Beautiful - love these designs and have some stitched and more still in stash. They are on the big side, even on higher counts... Yours looks Great!

  5. Such a cute finish. Well done!!


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