Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Never Too Late For Hearts!

This is a belated posting for February.  I'm trying to both stitch and FINISH according to the season so even though I stuck to a heart for February, I think this heart can easily go from spring through summer.  It's meant to be scissor fob but I would rather hang it as an ornament!
Safe Keeping designed by Shepherd's Bush
My other FINISH was both stitched AND finished in the month of March. 
Imagine that ~ stitched & FINISHED in the same month!  YAY!

Gentle Stitches designed by Shakespeare's Peddler

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jumping to July

This Blackbird Designs piece was stitched a couple of years ago, and finally finished this morning.  I used some handmade Russian dowry linen, stitching over 1 with Belle Soie silk.

What should have taken 45 minutes stretched into several hours, and reminded me why I usually procrastinate on finishing.  My lovely piece of blue herringbone felted wool I picked up from some random quilting shop in Sedona, AZ ended up being 2 piece, with moth holes in parts.  I adapted to that, but then had to put up with the sewing machine having a temper tantrum.  Oops, it was operator error.  The final mistake was realizing as I was clipping corners just prior to turning was I had sewed the 2 pieces together wrong, so the "right" side would be turned in.  Rip out seams, pick off thread scraps, re-pin, and re-sew.  Its done now, and it will probably be another month before I get brave enough to explore my "needs to be finished" pile.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter on my mind

I'm totally skipping over St. Patrick's Day since I don't have any stitching for this holiday (something I obviously need to remedy), and moved onto Easter.  

I took this 2011 finish...
With Thy Needle & Thread Bunny & Co., using my own silk conversion
on mystery 40 count linen

And turned it into this...

Please excuse the artistic photo glare.

Just a simple pillow finish using hand-dyed felted wool, without any extras.  It was already borderline too big for a pillow finish, but I didn't want it as a wall hanging or framed.

Ides of March

Hey, Friends!

We’re just past the Ides of March.  Does time fly by for everyone else as quickly as for me?  Hard to believe! 

 Here are some March finishes.  The Prairie Schooler, St. Patric Clover is finished into a little pillow with a beaded trim.  

Next is Heart in Hand, St. Patrick Bird pillow with a bit of ric rack and tiny star buttons.

And finally, here is the March Word Play by With thy Needle & Thread, framed and now hung on my office door. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lizzie Kate

March finish...glad finish it on time, the February one just done it
a couple days before Feb. ends.
Working on a couple of Christmas ornaments and Spring ones...
Happy stitching to all!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Crow by Primitive Betty

Well, those twenty eight days vanished in a blur, didn't they?  Just ignore the fact that my end of February post is actually a beginning of March one!  What is really irritating is that, yet again, this is an Illinois-made ornament and only needed a seam down the right hand side to complete it!

So without further ado...... I give you Crow by primitive betty!  Click on the link to see Betty's wonderful little designs.

February update...

Whew!!! I didn't expect to complete these all in time, i mean before the end of February.
Happy dancing here!!!
I still haven't finish off into ornamnets the two christmas designs i stitched last January though...
Happy weekend to all!