Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birds of a Feather Red Santa

Hey everybody!  Thanks so much to Charlene for setting up this blog.  I am hopeless at finishing but intend to get better.  I WILL get better.  I need to keep saying that to myself, because this is the sort of thing that usually happens when I go to do my finishing.  On my poor Red Santa, I sewed the wrong sides together and had to unpick my machine stitching.
I fixed him, and this is the finished ornament, stitched on 36 count Days Gone By with Weeks Dye Works threads:
My blog:  Notes from Blue Hen Hollow


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  2. I had to laugh WITH you as I did some ripping out myself yesterday. The santa is adorable!

  3. Sorry for your "issues" but they don't seem to have affected the outcome. He's great!

  4. What a great unusual Santa. Love him.


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